Police Believe 8-Year-Old Relisha Rudd May Have Been Killed in DC

RelishaRuddPolice in Washington, D.C., now trust a 8-year-old lady who left scarcely a month ago from a internal homeless preserve might have been killed by a janitor in whose caring a girl’s mom left her.

The proclamation on a standing of Relisha Rudd put a potentially hideous face on a bizarre story that has been brewing in D.C., after the formal blank persons hunt began on Mar 19. The girl’s face has been intoxicated on billboards along a 700-mile widen of a East Coast, announcing a $25,000 prerogative for assistance in anticipating her.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier pronounced yesterday during a news discussion that military trust a janitor, Kahlil Malik Tatum, may have killed her — yet they still have wish she is alive. Lanier pronounced tools of a hunt had now entered a “recovery operation.”

“We can’t omit a probability he might have killed her,” she said.

Relisha’s mother, Shamika Young, never reported a child missing. Young pronounced a final time she saw Relisha was on Feb. 26, when she left a girl in a caring of Tatum, a janitor during a homeless preserve where they lived. The shelter, before D.C. General Hospital reportedly, is home to about 300 needy families in southeast D.C.

But authorities weren’t done wakeful that she was blank until officials during Relisha’s propagandize contacted Young after a child had missed some-more than 30 days of school.

The mom responded that her daughter was out ill and a absences had been immune by a “Dr. Tatum.”

After a propagandize counselor referred a box to a D.C. Child and Family Services Agency, a amicable workman organised to accommodate “Dr. Tatum” during a homeless shelter. She afterwards detected a supposed alloy was indeed a janitor. That was a day, Mar 19, when internal military instituted a blank persons investigation.

The subsequent day, police detected that Tatum’s wife, Andrea Tatum, had been shot passed during a motel in circuitously Maryland—prompting them to put out a aver for a janitor’s detain on guess of murder.

According to a military chief, Tatum purchased a crate of 42-gallon executive rabble bags on Mar 2 during a store in Washington and was seen in a area of a Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Footage expelled by a FBI show Relisha withdrawal a bedroom and walking down a corridor with 51-year-old Tatum during a Holiday Inn Express in northeast D.C. on Feb. 26, a initial day she was left in his care.

She showed adult during propagandize a integrate of times during a subsequent week, though she also missed several days, claiming to be sick. The final day she was seen during propagandize was on Mar 7.

The janitor, described by a FBI as armed and dangerous, disappeared on Mar 19—the day a review into Relisha’s disappearance began, and a day before military found his mother had been killed.

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